This site exists to bring educational materials to those who are interested in Geothermal Energy as a part of the set of solutions to the “Climate Change” crisis and the “End of Oil” crisis that currently play a large role in our public debate.

If any of the following is interesting to you, then we recommend that you read the At-a-glance material and decide if you would like to join MEGSorg, Inc., which is a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation whose mission is to educate about Geothermal Energy.

New Era in Geothermal Energy

In 2006 two processes yielded a new vision of how the widespread utilization of geothermal energy (heat one to ten miles or more below the surface of the Earth) can be used for base load electricity production and the elimination of internal combustion engines for automobiles and light trucks. The two events that mark the beginning of MEGS (Modular Enhanced Geothermal Systems) were:

The release of the MIT Study: The Future of Geothermal Energy, and

the announcement by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) that they would make a commercial product (PureCycle 280) based on the prototypes that they created for the Chena Hot Springs project they were in the process of completing in Alaska.

There are possibly dozens of other commercial and non-commercial developmental activities that have laid the ground work for MEGS, but the two cited above were the inspiration that lead to the work that created MEGSorg, Inc. and the information on this site.

The Perspective of MEGSorg, Inc.

We think that Big Coal, Big Oil and the Nuclear Energy industries are so well entrenched in Washington that any efforts to get reasonable amounts of funding for geothermal research will be delayed and reduced, very possibly delayed past the time that the great potential of Geothermal Energy can make a difference. As we move closer to the tipping points associated with Global Warming, and the “End of Oil” dislocations, more people will be looking for solutions like MEGS. The information here is to help people understand what is needed to make MEGS available in many locations and to provide support for the needed research to provide the components of MEGS at a cost that is competitive with other sources of energy. Part of our educational efforts will be to provide accurate information on the subsidies that various energy production methods enjoy so that allocation decisions for research funds can be made with accurate cost figures. We have created MEGSorg, Inc. to supply information that people can act on to bring MEGS into existence as soon as possible. We want your comments on our format and content.

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